How to Reduce Your Fracture Risk with a Balanced Body, Mind, and Spirit


On your DXA report you'll see percentages assigned to your fracture risk - one for the hip and one for a "major osteoporotic" fracture in the next 10 years.

They say if the % for the hip is > 3%, or the % for the major osteoporotic fracture is > 20%, you're at "high risk."

The numbers are actually intended only as tools for our doctors to consider our candidacy for treatment.

But they cause a lot of fear and concern for us, the patient, with no real understanding of what an x% risk really means for how we go about our daily life.

What do we do with these numbers?

How do we live our life based on a % of risk?

My free webinar is designed to help you understand the factors that contribute to your fracture risk so you can reduce it to the best of your ability.

Knowledge is power.

And a balanced body, mind, and spirit can help you navigate through your individual contributing factors to cultivate success on your personal bone health journey.

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